Unspoken Speaking

Unspoken Speaking

Premiere of brand new St Austell Players musical production

“Unspoken Speaking”   by Ben Warwick and Tom Gardner

Songs by Ben Warwick, featuring renowned choir Sounds Original
Incidental music by Tom Gardner

Unspoken Speaking is a powerful piece of drama set in the current day.

While it deals with the way that people often say one thing but mean another, or show thoughts and emotions without speaking at all, the work explores a much deeper level of the unspoken word – from how things are not said aloud but through the social media screen to how the fear of what ‘other people might say’ can drive people’s actions.

Unspoken Speaking is a play set against a series of haunting and emotive songs performed by a mixed-voice choir, which are sung as the action of the play takes place in front of them, each having a terrific impact on the effect of the other.

The songs have been professionally orchestrated by internationally renowned composer and arranger Aaron Latina. 

The plot follows the lives of friends, Rhys and James (who have grown up together since infancy sharing everything “from bath-time to chicken-pox”), exploring the complexities of confusions and identities as they grow up and the fine line between what makes people united friends and, as in this case, hostile strangers.

However, as the play unfolds, the turmoil of the relationship between Rhys and his very controlling mother also emerges as she is tormented, driven and totally influenced by the strength and force of a character who appears on stage with her, but who remains totally silent throughout and is in effect not actually there…….

An energetic, supporting cast provide the backdrop for the principal characters in a series of situations that provide some very moving, some very comical and some very touching, thought-provoking moments – but it is up to the audience to leave the theatre ultimately to decide what was the main story-line and “what happens next” following a very last minute twist.

Please come along to support the premiere of this totally new play featuring beautiful, original songs and incidental music.

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