There’s No Country


Muntjac Theatre - "There's No Country"

Muntjac Theatre – “There’s No Country”

‘There’s No Country’ is an exploration of the complexities of immigration, written and devised by the company.
The piece is inspired by the topic of immigration with a particular focus on Cornwall. It’s a tale of belonging and integration which will include live singing and physical theatre.

When you leave your country, you remember to pack your toothbrush but be careful not to leave half your soul behind. Mother Tongue is gentle but she’s gone now, can you still truly express yourself without her warm embrace?

Lines on a map, laws in a court, or even the widest oceans don’t change the fact that I, like you, am human.

Adults: £10
Under 18s: £8 (Age reccomendation: 12+)
Tickets on sale here:
or by ringing The Hall for Cornwall on 01872 262 466.