St Austell Players : ‘Macbeth’

St Austell Players 'Macbeth'St Austell Players
Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’

Our play is set in something very close to contemporary Britain.
Queen Duncan, with the help of Macbeth and Banquo, has narrowly managed to stave off another revolt against her authority.  Other powerful figures in the land circle, looking for their chance to grab control.

Society, the rule of law and Government as we thought we knew it have broken down.

The witches, creatures of a disaffected underclass, wreak havoc for their own amusement, encouraging Macbeth to be first to seize his chance.  His wife adds her efforts and the stage is set for tragedy.

We watch the tragic hero, so aware of each stage of his own downfall, continue along the path he has chosen for himself.

Other leaders watch his efforts and choose their allegiances, often changing sides as events unravel.

 Who will inherit what is left of the kingdom?

Reserved Seats, Licensed Bar, Tea, Coffee, Ice Creams & Snacks.

Tickets in advance :
Standard : £12.00
Under19s : £6.00

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