The Incredible Balti Celtic Carpet Ride

Gwary Teg

Roll up! Roll up! Step right this way

The date is 11th September 1967 and The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour pulls into the Cornish seaside town of Newquay.

Long-term fan of the band and new Balti House owner Sandeep Chaudary finds himself intricately caught up with their visit.  Events not only lead to him meeting John, Paul, George and Ringo, but also his friends, family and they take their very own surreal tour across the world on the incredible Balti-Celtic carpet ride.

In this wildly imaginative new play, Alan M. Kent -prize-winning playwright of The Tin Violin, Surfing Tommies and National Minority, takes audiences on an extraordinary journey through time and space.

Here post-colonialism meets pop -all helped along with a mischievous dusting of (L)ucy in the (S)ky with (D)iamondsand a generous helping of hot and spicy Balti-style Vindaloo…

Praise for the plays of Alan M. Kent:
“Last year’s Surfing Tommies was a cracker…” The Sunday Times
“I have only praise for Alan M. Kent’s writing. He has an amazing ability to use Cornish history deep-rooted within the character and their lives and then combine it with the sort of comedy that has you roaring with laughter.” Cornwall Today
“Pick of the week? Surfing Tommies – Alan M. Kent’s award-winning drama.” The Guardian
“The most important Cornish writer of the twenty-first century.” Le Monde
“History and drama combined in perfect harmony.” Historia
National Minority is a striking play… the same breath of vision – and a particular human longing – as Irish Drama of the last century. The dialogue is always well written and is totally natural. ” Edward Bond

N.B. This event is suitable for ages 14+