Presenting an authentic Fleetwood Mac show, Tango in the Night is a group of highly experienced musicians, some boasting West End stage and session player pedigree. The band are dedicated to meticulously recreating the very best of Fleetwood Mac through their fantastic live shows – you would think you were listening to the real thing!

Whether you like the innovative and highly original blues rock of Peter Green’s 60’s line up, or the band’s timeless hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, they play them all in a 150-minute set.
With an incredible light show and superb stage presence, Tango in The Night deliver the timeless Fleetwood Mac classics, with a performance second to none.

Kev Dodd (AKA Mick Fleetwood) has been playing drums of one kind or another for nearly 40 years. and his technical ability, style and feel for the drums is inspiring. Mick Fleetwood’s unique playing style is amazingly recreated in Kev’s stage performances. For Kev, attention to detail is everything and he will have you captivated with the authentic drumming sounds that is, Mick Fleetwood!

Steve Yendell (AKA John McVie ) Steve has played in many bands in and around London and Sussex and worked in London as a studio session musician. He works tirelessly to emulate John’s bass style and simple yet catchy hooks, he looks and plays the part brilliantly!

Bob Seymour (AKA Peter Green) is the bands Peter Green and absolutely nails the vocals! His renditions of the early 60’s Fleetwood Mac is outstanding and second to none. He trades the blues guitar licks superbly with Lyndsey Buckingham.
Kerry Hackworth (AKA Christine McVie) Kerry is an accomplished keyboard player and teacher of music. Playing the well-loved songs such as “Everywhere”, “Little Lies”, “songbird,” and “Say You Love Me”, Kerry is an integral member of the band as the keyboard player and vocalist she fills out the sound beautifully.

Kenny Barnes (AKA Lindsey Buckingham) Kenny trained at the Royal Northern College of Music and has the incredible guitar skills to mirror Lindsey’s unique playing style. He is an accomplished singer and multi-instrumentalist having previously performed in London’s West End.

Esther Baker (AKA Stevie Nicks) brings the authentic sounding vocals and stage presence of Stevie Nicks performing her iconic songs such as,” Rhiannon,” “Gypsy,” and “Seven wonders”, that have truly stood the test of time. She will have you thinking and believing that Stevie is in the house.

Kim Guy and Yvette Cowling (Backing Vocals) Kim and Yvette got to know each other whilst working together in a previous band and have both undertaken individual projects, including recording work. They were part of a fabulous vocal harmony quartet and have many years of vocal experience. They bring depth and vibrancy to our stage and are gifted singers in their own right.

Scotty and Adam (Stage, sound and lighting) They may not be present on stage, but they will certainly bring the stage to you with their choreography of light and sound, creating a show to remember.

Doors & Licensed Bar from 6.30pm Show starts at 7.30pm

Best to buy your Tickets : £20.00 in advance – they’re ‘More On The Day’
Book Online or Phone CRBO on 01726 63513