Film : ‘St Just Ordinalia – 2021’ ( Cert. PG )

Film : St Just OrdinaliaFilm : ‘St. Just Ordinalia’
(Cert. PG)

In September, 2021, at the historic site of Plen an Gwari, St Just, there was a series of open-air repertory performances of all three Ordinalia plays (Origo Mundi, The Passion and The Resurrection).

The epic production gave audiences an opportunity, if desired, to join in with Cornish Language, dancing and sea-song sessions, watch Cornish wrestling, listen to the history of St Just’s Plen an Gwari and to wander along the town trails and heritage walks.

The cast perfectly created and delivered the aim of the original plays to impress the Christian bible stories on the local population.  With creative, moving, dramatic, witty and farcical scenes adapted from the original by local playwright Pauline Sheppard, the actors, supported by a 34-strong choir, performed at the top of their game.

Over 150 costumes were designed and made for the cast. A team of 27 set builders helped to create and build the set and, in all, over 230 volunteers helped to make the dream a reality.

Watch the trailer for this epic production, below.

The film version being shown of this unique occasion includes scenes from each of the three plays,complete with an introduction, interviews and other special features.

This is your opportunity to re-live this remarkable event, or to experience for the first time, this extraordinary celebration of Cornish heritage and culture.

‘The spirit of St Just’s Ordinalia should be bottled up and made available on the NHS!’ ; Ted Lean, Project Director

‘This was a successful, major community event that could not fail to arouse intense admiration and not a little envy from any outsider’ ; Professor Sally Mackey, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Door Open and Licensed Bar from 7.00pm. Film screening starts at 7.30pm
( Running times is 125 minutes including an interval )

Reserved Seats
Free On-Site Parking

Tickets in advance : Standard : £5.00  
( £6.00 On The Day )
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One Act Plays: ‘Womberang’ and ‘Top Girls’

One Act PlaysSt Austell Players


A Night of One Act Plays:

‘Womberang’ and ‘Top Girls’

Womberang is directed by Sowena Nelson and written by Sue Townsend.

‘It is the afternoon gynaecology clinic and an assortment of patient’s sit in a grim hospital room. Rita Onions breezes in.
Her verve and energy, combined with a complete lack of respect for authority, gradually spreads an infectious, joyous anarchy throughout the patients as she demolishes officious hospital staff and generally sorts out the patients personal problems.’


Top Girls is directed by Dorothy Nelson and written by Caryl Churchill.

‘Marlene’s star is rising.
She’s snatched a promotion from the hands of a male colleague who was convinced the job was his. To celebrate, she throws a Saturday night dinner party for herself.
In attendance are famous women from history, literature and legend.
The women share their extraordinary experiences of life, work, love and children.’

Doors & Licensed Bar open from 7.00pm. The Show starts at 7.30pm.
Programmes and Merchandise will be available to purchase at the event.
Free Car Parking On-Site.

Tickets in advance : Adults, £12.00, Under18s, Students with ID, £6.00
( Tickets are non-refundable )

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Champagne Cornwall : “And Then There Were Six”

Champagne Cornwall

Champagne Cornwall : ‘And Then There Were Six’

Champagne Cornwall Chorus’ – their Journey through the Covid-19 Pandemic.

A Short Film of their experiences of the last 2 years, plus a variety of songs from the ladies of the Champagne Cornwall Chorus.

This is also a Fundraising concert for “FLEET” and “Go Beyond”

Licensed Bar from 6.30pm, Doors Open approx. 7.00pm. Show starts at 7.30pm

Plenty of Free Car Parking on-site

Tickets in advance : £7.50

Sorry, No Concessions
( Tickets are non-refundable )
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Pennseythen Gernewek – Cornish language weekend

Annual Cornish Language Weekend hosted by Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek / Pennseythen Gernewek Bledhynnyek ostyes gans Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

About this event

The 3-day-long weekend is for speakers of all levels learning Cornish, offering language lessons, workshops, talks, social events and entertainment for all to enjoy. Whether you are just starting to learn Cornish or are a fluent speaker, there is something for everyone. You can find out more about the weekend line up here: Cornish Language Weekend

Whether you’d like to come for one day, or for the whole weekend, we have options available to suit you. On the Saturday and Sunday we offer family language sessions suitable for children up to 12 years. Families can pay for 1 ticket . We are also offering tickets for attendees with low income. We hope this offers support and accessibility to join us over the weekend.

If you have any queries about the event, please email

An bennseythen dres 3 dydh yw rag kowsoryon a dhysk Kernewek orth pub nivel, ow profya dyskansow yeth, hweljiow, arethow, hwarvosow socyal ha didhan rag pubonan dh’y enjoya. Mars esowgh ow talleth dyski Kernewek po mars owgh kowser freth, yma neppyth rag pubonan. Hwi a yll kavos derivadow pella a-dro dhe hwarvosow an bennseythun omma: Cornish Language Weekend

Mar mynnowgh dos dres unn jydh, po dres an bennseythen oll, ni a’gan beus dewisyow kavadow a vydh gwiw ragowgh. Dy’Sadorn ha Dy’Sul ni a brof esedhogow yeth teyluyow rag fleghes bys dhe 12 bloodh. Teyluyow a yll prena 1 tokyn. Ni a brof ynwedh toknys rag kevrenogyon ha dhedha gober isel. Hemma a brof skoodhyans ha hedhadewder dhe omjunya genen dres an bennseythen, dell waytyn.

Mars eus govynnow a-dro dhe’n hwarvos genowgh, danvon ebost, mar pleg, dhe

Jackie Bull – Desert Island Discs (Pizza & Politics)

Jackie Bull - Desert Island Discs-page - jpeg
Jackie’s is a Cornish story.
After refusing a university place, she joined the clay industry, arguing with her employer about workers’ welfare and the support of pensioners. She went on to found a charity for the pensioners and to serve the clay area as Cornwall Councillor for many years.
You will hear her story in this adaptation of Desert Island Discs as part of the monthly pizza and politics series, now in its sixth year.
Free to attend. Refreshments available.

Evening of Mediumship with Psychic Medium Nikki Kitt (Entertainment)

nikki evening photo

Friday, 28th January is sold out. 

Tickets now available for Saturday, 29th January.

Psychic Medium Nikki Kitt is a Spiritualist Medium who is currently touring the UK with her successful Psychic / Mediumship Evenings.
As a Medium, Nikki Kitt aims to provide evidence of life after life by getting links from loved ones in spirit for people in the audience with amazing accuracy in descriptions, personalities and all sorts of personal information.. to give both confirmation and comfort.
I have been aware of spirit my whole life and so have no doubt that we carry on after this physical life and my demonstrations are to prove the same to everyone else.
Testimonies :-
“Hi Nikki I attended your evening last night and just wanted to say that you have an amazing talent”
“I have seen many mediums and psychics over the years and you are by far the best and most accurate the details you give are amazing”
“My god! Went to see Psychic Medium Nikki Kitt tonight my mum came through –  soooo happy she was spot on with everything. Thank you Nikki amazing night”

All tickets £10.00 (+booking fee) only available by clicking here.



Joshua Nash – Blacklist/Fig Leaf

Joshua Nash – Blacklist/Fig Leaf


A double bill of shows from one of the UK’s leading Krump dancers. Joshua Nash is a dance artist, choreographer and boundary breaker. His work can be seen to cross and re-cross the borderlines of hip hop dance, performance and physical theatre.

Krump is a form of street dance characterised by free, expressive, exaggerated, and highly energetic movement. It’s the Rock and Roll or Heavy Metal of the Hip Hop world, a way of expressing difficult emotions, the ones that get you all twisted up inside.

Blacklist is an explosive piece asking how do we cope with inner conflict? Explored through hip hop, krump and theatre.

Fig Leaf asks what does it mean to be a man? The dancers fight the urge to compete with one another and instead attempt to create a support network, brotherhood and community bond.

Ticket price
£8.00 – £10.00*   *booking fee applies
Click here for tickets

The Colour Room : Clarice Cliff’s bizarre life, and how it came to the big screen

Claire Peate : 'Clarice Cliff'The Colour Room :
Clarice Cliff’s bizarre life, and how it came to the big screen

The Colour Room is Sky Cinema’s latest release, due to be streamed and in cinemas this autumn.
Join Claire Peate, the film’s award-winning screenwriter, as she explores and reveals the incredible rags to riches story of Clarice Cliff, a lowly factory worker from The Potteries, who dared to not accept her station in life, and went on to became an Art Deco pioneer.

The Colour Room stars Matthew Goode (The Crown, Downton Abbey, The Imitation Game), David MorriseyKerry FoxAdrian RawlingsBill Paterson and Phoebe Dynevor, who played Daphne Bridgerton in Netflix’s 2020 worldwide hit Bridgerton, as Clarice Cliff.The Colour Room is directed by Claire McCarthy (The Luminaries, Ophelia).

The film follows the journey of a determined, working class woman, Clarice Cliff, as she breaks the glass ceiling and revolutionises the workplace in the 20th century.

Clarice Cliff (Dynevor) is a vivacious young factory worker in the industrial British midlands of the 1920s. Bursting at the seams with ideas for colours and shapes, Clarice takes more and more dangerous risks – but she manages to stay one step ahead of the workhouse and impress the eccentric factory owner Colley Shorter (Goode) on the way with her talent and innovation.

Claire Peate is a novelist and BAFTA Rocliffe winning scriptwriter. Originally from the Midlands, she’s excited to be relocating to Cornwall next year.
Claire will be interviewed by former BBC Radio Cornwall Presenter & Producer and writer Tim Hubbard.

In this fascinating talk, you’ll hear about Clarice’s struggles and scandals, and how the film came to be made in the middle of a pandemic.

There’s even a chance to discover what Clarice Cliff smelt like!

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Sing and Sign Cornwall – Free “Taster” session

Sing & Sign

Next Tuesday morning (28th September) at the Arts Centre – especially for 0-2 year olds!
A special free “Taster” session with Sing and Sign Cornwall.
You’ll be amazed at just how much your little one has to say before they can speak! Come along and find out more.
Although free of charge, booking is required, as available spaces are limited.

Tom Robinson – Solo show (Music) with support: Joe Holtaway

Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson, a Solo Concert in aid of the African Great Lakes Peace Trust.
An up-close-and-personal evening of songs and stories with veteran songwriter and broadcaster Tom Robinson playing a rare solo show – and his first performance in Cornwall for over twenty years.

Tom’s musical journey began in 1974 when his first band was discovered by Ray Davies, and has since included a BBC ban for being ‘Glad To be Gay’, rocking against racism alongside The Clash, headlining Glastonbury with Peter Gabriel, writing lyrics for Elton John, drug smuggling in East Germany, two nervous breakdowns and a period in tabloid hell after falling in love with a woman.
Having made his peace with the BBC, he’s presented programmes on all the corporation’s national radio networks, and his broadcasting work has won two Sony Radio Academy awards.
Alongside crowd favourites like War BabyGlad To Be Gay and 2-4-6-8 Motorway this show offers a chance to hear some hidden gems from Tom’s back catalogue across the past four decades.

Supporting Tom will be Joe Holtaway –

Tom says, “I’ve been supporting Joe Holtaway’s music on my radio shows for BBC 6 Music for some years. In addition to his skills as a performer and songwriter, Joe is notable for his passionate engagement with the world around him. There is a constant sense that his music is not merely created in a vacuum, but made and delivered for the benefit of the wider community in which he finds himself. It’s precisely because his work enriches and affects more lives than just his own – as well as his connections with both Cornwall and the Quaker movement – that he was my choice of Special Guest for this show.”

Reserved Seats
Phone 01726 63513 to request disabled or low mobility seats
Licensed Bar, Tea & Coffee, Snacks
Free Car Parking on-Site
Doors & Licensed Bar from 7.00pm. Show starts at 7.30pm

Click Here to Book Your Tickets Online in advance :
Standard : £20.00
Or Phone CRBO on 01726 63513
Or Buy In-Person at Tourist Offices in Truro, Bodmin, Liskeard, Launceston