Remi Harris, guitar & Tom Moore, double bass

Remi Harris & Tom Moore
(Jazz & Blues guitar & double bass)

A new show from an Arts Centre favourite!

Acclaimed guitarist Remi Harris and double bassist Tom Moore present an evening of music ranging from the acoustic jazz of the 30s and 40s to the electric blues of the 60s and 70s; influenced by such greats as Django Reinhardt, Peter Green, Wes Montgomery, Jimi Hendrix and more

Remi has been performing with Tom for over ten years, during which time they have developed a remarkable musical affinity. Since graduating from The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Tom has performed around the UK and has appeared at prestigious venues including the Royal Albert Hall and The North Sea Jazz Festival, and more recently supporting Jools Holland.

The show features an eclectic mix of jazz and blues standards, original compositions, improvisations and new arrangements of familiar tunes. Remi plays a variety of acoustic and electric guitars.

The ease and warmth of Remi’s stage presence, together with his virtuoso talent, will have concert goers captivated by his passion for the guitar.

“Remi’s an absolutely extraordinary musician”; Jamie Cullum, BBC Radio 2
“astonishing stuff” ; Cerys Matthews, BBC Radio 2 & BBC 6 Music
“Brilliant” ; Martin Taylor MBE
“a tremendously gifted player” ; John Etheridge
“Terrific” ; The Telegraph
“extraordinary” ; R2 Rock’n’Reel Magazine
“a remarkable musician”, “Fantastic” ; BBC Radio 3

Doors Open and Licensed Bar from 7.00pm.
Show starts at 7.30pm

Tickets in advance : Standard : £13.00    (  £14.50  On The Day )
NB Tickets are non-refundable.

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The Neil Maya Quartet : Cartoon Jazz – from BeBop to Betty Boop!

Neil Maya QuartetThe Neil Maya Quartet :
Cartoon Jazz : (From Be-bop to Betty Boop!)

A fantastic, fun evening of your favourite cartoon theme tunes & songs played like you’ve never heard them before!

 Playing the best in jazz from the cartoons, The Neil Maya Quartet injects some Yabba Dabba Doo” into your favourite looney tunes – from The Flintstones to FrozenTop Cat to Toy StorySesame Street to The Simpsons.

It’s jazz – but not as we know it!!!

The Neil Maya Quartet’s latest projects takes tunes from the cartoons and gives them the jazz treatment creating a high quality, fun evening of wonderful music.

Tunes include Spiderman, When You Wish Upon A Star, The Pink Panther, The Flintstones, Some Day My Prince Will Come, Alice In Wonderland, Sesame Street, You’ve Got A Friend in Me, Let It Go, Give A Little Whistle and many more.

The Neil Maya Quartet is one of the Southwest’s finest Jazz Outfits and has toured extensively throughout the region and beyond over the last 20 years.

The Quartet recorded its first album, “Out Of The Woodshed” in 2006.    The second album Bread and Circuses followed soon after in 2009.

The Quartet launched  its highly successful Brubeck Project in 2016 recording a live album in Devon’s Meavy Village Hall in 2017

The band consists of Neil Maya on saxes and clarinet and triangle, Tom Ball on keyboards and melodica, Kev Sanders on double bass and Gary Evans on drums (but not triangle!)

Release your inner child, throw-off your inhibitions and relive your childhood. 

The memories will flood back; you won’t be able to resist a smile, or stop your toes tapping!

That’s all Folks!!!

Doors Open and Licensed Bar from 7.00pm.  The Show starts at 7.30pm

Reserved Seats
Free On-Site Car Parking

Tickets in advance : £12.50    ( £14.00 On The Day – So Book Early ! )

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Damien O’Kane and Ron Block Band

Get Ready For A Banjo Party!!

“Beautiful and wild, there are no boundaries here. Something I have never heard before.”  Jerry Douglas
“I was utterly blown away by these guys. Exquisite musicianship. My gig of the year.”  Ralph McTell

Damien O’Kane is regularly seen playing banjo & guitar alongside his wife Kate Rusby in her acclaimed band.
Similarly, Ron Block is the ever-present stalwart of US country superstar Alison Krauss’s band..

Now, we’re all used to the colloquial phrase “Brother from another mother,” but when Ron Block’s wife, Sandra, met Damien’s Mum, Colette, she was moved to go one step further and exclaim, “No honey, they’re brothers from the SAME mother,” so alike did she find the two men in character.

No wonder, then, that when Ron came to Rusby HQ to play on the album “20 in 2012”, they found plenty in common, from playing the banjo, to a grounding in their own traditions of music, to the craic of enjoying a beverage or three in each other’s fine company.

“We should make a banjo album together,” they agreed almost straightaway. And then promptly succeeded in not doing so for another two years.

‘I really like this project a lot. It’s incredibly well played and recorded, nice surprises with the guests!! Anyone that likes Irish and American roots music will love this record.’; Ricky Skaggs

They eventually made Banjophony and released it in 2018.  It began as a single track, recorded in 2014, and remained a one-track record until Ron came to the UK to tour with Sierra Hull in 2016.

Ron and Sierra stayed at Pure Studios during the Underneath The Stars Festival, enabling them to create five tracks from scratch and record them live during two highly productive days. It gave them the core of songs and the momentum they needed to finish off what became a “joyous” experience and a “bucket list thing” for both men when they met in early 2018 to complete the masterpiece.

Take two people who know their scenes inside-out, put them in a studio and add a heady dose of bromance, and you get a crossover of Irish banjo and bluegrass banjo that has never quite been offered before.

Just when cultures were feeling rather divided globally, Damien and Ron gave us something between distraction and hope. They gripped us firmly by the lapels and yelled the wondrous phrase, “Let’s talk about banjos.”

Deliverance puns aside, a bit of their unity and outright sense of fun didn’t go amiss in delivering us from the potential misery of that particular year.

‘Banjophonics is an inspirational album composed with sonic and cultural influences from both sides of the Atlantic , forging a new and innovative sound. The 4 & 5 string banjos of Damien and Ron, a unique and beautiful combination, are exquisitely played on this pristine recording. The energy, groove and technique on Banjophonics will inspire musicians of any genre and bring joy to all music lovers’– Gerry ‘Banjo’ O’Connor.

When you look at their backgrounds, they’ve followed similar trajectories. Both began playing at a young age, immersed in their local scenes: Ron in Southern California and Damien in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

They’ve both played fundamental roles in bands. Ron’s big gig came in 1991, when he joined the mighty force of Alison Krauss’ band, for whom Grammy and Bluegrass Awards have rained down plentifully over the years. Damien played with Irish/Anglo supergroup Flook among others, before joining Kate Rusby’s band in 2008 (before exchanging wedding bands in 2010).

Damien has also been nominated twice at BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and hailed by none other than Jo Whiley as a ‘sonic architect.’ So, what is the appeal of a duet that’s basically one bloke from someone else’s band and another bloke from someone else’s band playing some music together?

That’s an easy one: essentially, there’s a whole lotta banjo!

Banjos are often more than noticeable in the mix of a full band’s sound, fast-fingered and fuel for the fleet-footed. Sometimes a banjo even gets a solo. But with Damien and Ron, it’s more like ‘banjo squared’ in their output than the mere addition of one banjo to another.

There’s a heapin helpin of mutual respect, particularly for Ron’s eloquence and for Damien’s improvisational flair. More than anything, there’s that oneness, which comes across both on stage and on record. It’s something about being brothers – from some mother or other.

“I challenge banjo non-believers not to be moved by this transatlantic banjo union.” – Lynette Fay, BBC Radio Ulster

Damien and Ron started working on their new record Banjophonics in April 2019. They recorded a bunch of tracks and met up again at Pure Studios to record more in November 2019 after a tour in the UK. The men had planned to finish the record in April 2020 but a certain pandemic got in the way! They release Banjophonics on July 1st, 2022. A real treat for banjo lovers worldwide, they will tour the UK and Ireland in the summer and autumn, with full band, to showcase another masterclass on tenor and bluegrass banjos and how their respective traditions meet and unite in perfect and thrilling harmony.

‘I really like this project a lot. It’s incredibly well played and recorded, nice surprises with the guests!! Anyone that likes Irish and American roots music will love this record.’ – Ricky Skaggs

The full band is:
Ron Block on banjo, guitar and vocals.
Damien O’Kane on tenor banjo, tenor guitar and vocals.
Duncan Lyall on double bass and moog.
Ali Hutton on guitar and stomp

Doors Open and Licensed Bar from 7.00pm.  The Show starts at 7.30pm

Reserved Seats
Free On-Site Car Parking

Tickets in advance : £18.50    ( £20.00 On The Day – So Book Early ! )

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‘Celloman’ : ‘Panacea’ Album Release UK Tour

Celloman : Panacea Album ReleaseCelloman“Panacea”
Album Release UK Tour

Celloman has been active for over 20 years under various guises including an electric band, acoustic string trio, and solo cello.

Having released 7 albums and performed extensively across the UK & abroad, including major festivals such as Glastonbury, Womad, Sauti za Busara (Zanzibar) and Exit Festival in Serbia, Celloman are back with a UK tour to promote the release of ‘Panacea’, the first full band studio album since the 2009 release of Sharptown.

The 5-piece band has a big reputation and sound consisting of electric cello, electricviolin, drums, bass, percussion and sampled beats. A sound that is a unique fusion of world music, jazz and classical mixed with African and Middle-Eastern rhythms. In addition, Panacea adds a Classical Baroque flavour into the mix.

Alongside his work with Celloman, cellist Ivan Hussey has had a distinguished career as a session cellist, performing and recording with the likes of: Mick Jagger, Soul II Soul, Incognito, Jay Z, The Lighthouse Family, Snow Patrol, Annie Lennox, Duran Duran, Gabrielle, Natacha Atlas, Smoke City, Shaun Escoffrey, Third World, Lee ‘Scratch’Perry and many more.

Celloman is supported by Pablo Hussey who presents his spiritual sound of bamboo flute on Roots Reggae, whilst introducing his debut album.
Quotes :
“A Beautifully-constructed meeting of sweeping classical strokes, ethnic percussion, artful samples and an ear for grown up ‘pop’ music”
Making Music
“The band were tight, and the playing superb. To die for!” Festivals UK
“Their combined rhythmic impetus was strong enough for any dance audience. Very impressive” The Evening Standard
Doors and Licensed Bar from 7.00pm. Show starts at 7.30pm
Reserved Seats
Free Car Parking
Click Here to Book Your Tickets in advance : Standard : £12.50
Phone CRBO on 01726 63513
Buy at Tourist Offices in
St Austell, Bodmin, Truro

Pennseythen Gernewek – Cornish language weekend

Annual Cornish Language Weekend hosted by Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek / Pennseythen Gernewek Bledhynnyek ostyes gans Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

About this event

The 3-day-long weekend is for speakers of all levels learning Cornish, offering language lessons, workshops, talks, social events and entertainment for all to enjoy. Whether you are just starting to learn Cornish or are a fluent speaker, there is something for everyone. You can find out more about the weekend line up here: Cornish Language Weekend

Whether you’d like to come for one day, or for the whole weekend, we have options available to suit you. On the Saturday and Sunday we offer family language sessions suitable for children up to 12 years. Families can pay for 1 ticket . We are also offering tickets for attendees with low income. We hope this offers support and accessibility to join us over the weekend.

If you have any queries about the event, please email

An bennseythen dres 3 dydh yw rag kowsoryon a dhysk Kernewek orth pub nivel, ow profya dyskansow yeth, hweljiow, arethow, hwarvosow socyal ha didhan rag pubonan dh’y enjoya. Mars esowgh ow talleth dyski Kernewek po mars owgh kowser freth, yma neppyth rag pubonan. Hwi a yll kavos derivadow pella a-dro dhe hwarvosow an bennseythun omma: Cornish Language Weekend

Mar mynnowgh dos dres unn jydh, po dres an bennseythen oll, ni a’gan beus dewisyow kavadow a vydh gwiw ragowgh. Dy’Sadorn ha Dy’Sul ni a brof esedhogow yeth teyluyow rag fleghes bys dhe 12 bloodh. Teyluyow a yll prena 1 tokyn. Ni a brof ynwedh toknys rag kevrenogyon ha dhedha gober isel. Hemma a brof skoodhyans ha hedhadewder dhe omjunya genen dres an bennseythen, dell waytyn.

Mars eus govynnow a-dro dhe’n hwarvos genowgh, danvon ebost, mar pleg, dhe

The Countrymen : ‘Songs Of Hope’ Tour


The Countrymen
are a Cornish Folk Rock Harmony Group from Launceston.
Five seasoned musicians with tight four-part harmony vocals and a token Cornishman. With a relaxed and light-hearted presentation style they take the audience on a journey through the history and culture of Cornwall, featuring their own arrangements of traditional and contemporary songs, as well as original material. Interspersed with the occasional pop cover to lighten the mood when required, there is no mistaking that to a man, they love their county with a passion.

Now in their fifth year, they have been becoming increasingly popular across both Devon & Cornwall with appearances on both radio and TV and numerous festival appearances including The Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival, The Rock Oyster Festival, Falmouth Week, Bridport Folk Festival, Little Orchard Festival and Looe Saves The Day.
2022 will see the band take on a third concert tour of both Cornwall and Devon entitled “Songs of Hope” which the band feels is an appropriate name for the times we currently live in.

“If you get the chance to see these guys (The Countrymen) in concert then take it, you will not be disappointed”; Harry Glasson
“Fantastic band! Great harmonies and mix of music. Don’t miss them!”; Guy McKensie
“Saw these guys on Saturday in the main street (Falmouth Shanty Festival). Great singing. Great banter”; Steve Prophet

The band was formed from an Open Mic Night at their local, The Countryman Inn near Launceston, which is where the band’s name originates. They soon found a mutual love of singing in harmony and almost accidentally developed a strong reputation for an emphasis on Cornishness in the repertoire.

In addition to offering quality live entertainment on stage, they have also been busy in the recording studio and have released three online EPs to date, Cornish Lads Vol.1, 2 and not unsurprisingly, Cornish Lads Vol.3.
They also released their debut CD album, “Trees On The Hill” a few years ago and have recently released their long-awaited second album, “The River Rolls On”.

Click Here to Book Your Tickets Online  in advance : £12.00 (£15.00 On The Door)
Book Online or Phone CRBO on 01726 63513
Or Buy at Tourist Offices in Truro, Bodmin & Liskeard

Tickets are non-refundable
Doors & Licensed Bar Open from 7.00pm. Show starts at 7.30pm

‘The Press Gang’ with Tom Lewis (Music)

Tom LewisThe Press Gang are delighted to offer this rare opportunity to see them perform alongside the world-famous Tom Lewis in Cornwall. Tom has been an inspiration to the group since they formed in 2012.
Tom Lewis brings to the stage his wry humour, button accordion, ukulele, a great voice and his unique experience of more than 40 years of performing and touring, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Europe, Canada and the United States, bridging the sea-going and folk-singing communities.
The Press Gang have become regular guests at festivals throughout Cornwall and throughout the country where audiences have enjoyed their lively performances of songs and shanties of Cornwall and the sea. Throughout the last 10 years, the group has raised many thousands(£) for local charities.

Tom Lewis has recorded 9 albums and is renowned for composing ‘The Last Shanty’ (A Sailor Ain’t A Sailor), ‘Sailor’s Prayer’ (Send Down A Dove), ‘Legend’ (Marching Inland), plus many other contemporary songs of the sea that have become folk standards, sung by groups around the world and known and sung wherever great choruses ring out.
Tom accompanies himself on button accordion and ukulele—but it’s that powerful vocal style and infectious humour—that quality of entertaining—which keeps audiences coming back again … and again

Tom Lewis  website

The Press Gang  website

Click Here to Book Your Tickets Online Now  : Standard : £12.00
( £15.00 On The Door )
Or Phone CRBO on 01726 63513
Or Buy at Tourist Offices in Truro, Bodmin, Liskeard

Doors Open and Licensed Bar from 7.00pm. Show starts at 7.30pm
Ample Free Car Parking

Tickets are Non-Refundable unless the show has to be Cancelled due to Covid-19

‘Connections’ : To Life Productions

'Connections' ToLife


To Life Productions


Dance, Music and Theatre collide in this show stopping display of talent!

Bringing an afternoon of variety performance, our show teams have been delving into the theme of ‘Connections’ to craft and create unique, original, multidisciplinary pieces of theatre, with some new renditions of a few showstopping classic numbers thrown in to really bring the feel-good factor!

Click Here to Book Your Tickets Online in advance :
Adult 10.00
Over65s 7.00
Under16s 7.00
Students 7.00
Under10s 5.00

Or Phone CRBO on 01726 63513
Or Buy at Tourist Offices in Truro., Bodmin or Liskeard

Remi Harris Jazz and Blues Project

Remi Harris Jazz and Blues Project

Photo Credit : Shakeypix Images

Remi Harris Jazz & Blues Project
An eclectic show featuring music ranging from the acoustic jazz & swing of the 30s and 40s, to the electric blues of the 60s and 70s.
The Trio is led by UK jazz & blues guitarist, Remi Harris, who will be playing a variety of acoustic and electric guitars.
Remi will be joined by Tom Moore on double and electric bass and Shane Dixon on drums.

Remi’s unique style draws inspiration from artists such as Django ReinhardtJimi HendrixWes Montgomery and Led Zeppelin.

Remi has performed at Montreal Jazz FestivalBuckingham PalaceBBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall with Jamie Cullum, on BBC 4 Television and live on BBC Radios 2 & 3.

He now makes a welcome return to the St Austell Arts Centre.

“An incredible guitarist, an extraordinary musician” Jamie Cullum, BBC Radio2
“Astonishing stuff” Cerys Matthews, BBC Radio 2 & 6 Music
“Brilliant” Martin Taylor MBE
“A tremendously gifted player” John Etheridge
“Terrific” The Telegraph
“Extraordinary” R2 Rock’n’Reel Magazine
“a remarkable musician” Jazz Journal

Click Here to Book Your Tickets in advance now :
Standard : £13.00
Or Phone 01726 63513
Or Buy at Tourist Offices in Truro, Bodmin, Liskeard, Launceston etc

Reserved Seats, Licensed Bar, Tea & Coffee
(Open to 100% capacity : Seating and movement around the theatre and Bar will not be socially-distanced.)

Barbara Dickson : ‘A Shirt Box Full Of Songs’

Barbara DicksonBarbara Dickson :  “A Shirt Box Full of Songs”
An Autobiography

Meet Barbara Dickson in an intimate setting where she describes her life through her recently re-published autobiography “A Shirt Box Full of Songs”.
From singing to the postman when she was less than two years old to her Sold-Out tours in the 2000s, Barbara Dickson has been captivating her fans for the best part of sixty years.

In her Autobiography, she describes the joys of growing up in Fife in the Fifties, of moving to Edinburgh at seventeen to find her place in the world and the struggles of trying to make a living on the Scottish folk scene.

Despite becoming Scotland’s bestselling solo artist in the 70sand 80sand with huge hits such as ‘I Know Him So Well’, with Elaine Paige and ‘Caravan Song’Barbara was not content to have just a successful singing career. She turned to another: Acting.

She appeared in Musical Theatre, making “Blood Brothers” and “Spend, Spend, Spend” her own.  Her time on stage earned her many acting accolades but her pursuit of ‘perfection’ lead to complete exhaustion from which she fought hard to recover in the 1980sand 1990s.

Barbara’s is a warm, fascinating story that encompasses the best of British music, stage and television and above all tells the story of an ordinary woman with an extraordinary voice.

Former BBC presenter, journalist & editor, Tim Hubbard, now a writer, lecturer & literary festival host, will be in conversation with Barbara about her remarkable life and career.

In the second half of the evening, Barbara will take questions from the audience, together with treating them to one or two of her favourite songs.

To round the evening off, Barbara will give a Book Signing of her Autobiography; the perfect souvenir of what promises to be a most special and memorable night.

Click for Promo Video.

Reserved Seats, Licensed Bar, Tea & Coffee
(Open to 100% capacity : Seating and movement around the theatre and Bar will not be socially-distanced.)

Click Here to Book Your Tickets in advance :
Standard : £22.50 (before 1st November)  –  £25.00 (from 1st November)
Or Phone 01726 63513
Or Buy at Tourist Offices in Truro, Bodmin, Liskeard, Launceston etc