Cornwall Performing Arts : ‘Elements’

Cornwall Performing Arts :


Cornwall Performing Arts presents their Summer production – “Elements”.

Exploring themes of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, our performers have put together an array of original pieces of theatre, dance, movement and music – with a few classic feel good numbers thrown in for good measure!

Let us take you on a journey from ancient palaces to enchanted castles, through every genre from fiery choreography to rip roaring comedy, as we meet an array of characters from abandoned princesses to planet pioneers, curious adventurers to plotting Queens and everyone in between!

The programme includes a performance from StormBox Theatre company’s latest work.

Doors Open at 1.30pm. Show starts at 2.00pm

Tickets in advance :
Standard : £10.00
Over65s : £7.00
Students : £7.00
Under16s : £7.00
Under10s : £5.00

Free Car Parking On-Site.
Licensed Bar, Soft Drinks, Tea & Coffee and Snacks

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Phone CRBO on 01726 63513
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One Act Plays: ‘Womberang’ and ‘Top Girls’

One Act PlaysSt Austell Players


A Night of One Act Plays:

‘Womberang’ and ‘Top Girls’

Womberang is directed by Sowena Nelson and written by Sue Townsend.

‘It is the afternoon gynaecology clinic and an assortment of patient’s sit in a grim hospital room. Rita Onions breezes in.
Her verve and energy, combined with a complete lack of respect for authority, gradually spreads an infectious, joyous anarchy throughout the patients as she demolishes officious hospital staff and generally sorts out the patients personal problems.’


Top Girls is directed by Dorothy Nelson and written by Caryl Churchill.

‘Marlene’s star is rising.
She’s snatched a promotion from the hands of a male colleague who was convinced the job was his. To celebrate, she throws a Saturday night dinner party for herself.
In attendance are famous women from history, literature and legend.
The women share their extraordinary experiences of life, work, love and children.’

Doors & Licensed Bar open from 7.00pm. The Show starts at 7.30pm.
Programmes and Merchandise will be available to purchase at the event.
Free Car Parking On-Site.

Tickets in advance : Adults, £12.00, Under18s, Students with ID, £6.00
( Tickets are non-refundable )

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Buy at :
Bodmin Shire Hall – Bodmin TIC
Truro Tourist Office, Boscawen Street

Pennseythen Gernewek – Cornish language weekend

Annual Cornish Language Weekend hosted by Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek / Pennseythen Gernewek Bledhynnyek ostyes gans Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

About this event

The 3-day-long weekend is for speakers of all levels learning Cornish, offering language lessons, workshops, talks, social events and entertainment for all to enjoy. Whether you are just starting to learn Cornish or are a fluent speaker, there is something for everyone. You can find out more about the weekend line up here: Cornish Language Weekend

Whether you’d like to come for one day, or for the whole weekend, we have options available to suit you. On the Saturday and Sunday we offer family language sessions suitable for children up to 12 years. Families can pay for 1 ticket . We are also offering tickets for attendees with low income. We hope this offers support and accessibility to join us over the weekend.

If you have any queries about the event, please email

An bennseythen dres 3 dydh yw rag kowsoryon a dhysk Kernewek orth pub nivel, ow profya dyskansow yeth, hweljiow, arethow, hwarvosow socyal ha didhan rag pubonan dh’y enjoya. Mars esowgh ow talleth dyski Kernewek po mars owgh kowser freth, yma neppyth rag pubonan. Hwi a yll kavos derivadow pella a-dro dhe hwarvosow an bennseythun omma: Cornish Language Weekend

Mar mynnowgh dos dres unn jydh, po dres an bennseythen oll, ni a’gan beus dewisyow kavadow a vydh gwiw ragowgh. Dy’Sadorn ha Dy’Sul ni a brof esedhogow yeth teyluyow rag fleghes bys dhe 12 bloodh. Teyluyow a yll prena 1 tokyn. Ni a brof ynwedh toknys rag kevrenogyon ha dhedha gober isel. Hemma a brof skoodhyans ha hedhadewder dhe omjunya genen dres an bennseythen, dell waytyn.

Mars eus govynnow a-dro dhe’n hwarvos genowgh, danvon ebost, mar pleg, dhe

‘Superstition Mountain’ by Carl Grose

Carl Grose : Superstitious Mountain

Starring Ben KernowDarren Seed & Jack Brownridge-Kelly
A rootin’, tootin’ black comedy about 3 Cornish brothers, from St Day, in search of a legendary goldmine in the middle of the scorching-hot Arizona desert.
What could possibly go wrong?!

The three Gunwallow brothers from St Day are in a bit of bother:
Slim’s scrapyard business has gone pear-shaped, while Dwayne owes money to some very dodgy friends and youngest brother Mark is entangled in a doomed romance.
All three are on the edge of meltdown, and to cap it all, Daddy’s corpse is lying upstairs waiting to be buried – if they could afford the funeral.

There’s only one hope left, they must find the legendary gold mine on Superstition Mountain.

The boys’ great-grandfather Tobias discovered it in 1897. Now, they just have to go there, claim the family gold and all their problems will be solved. Should be easy – right?

What will become of three proper Cornish boys in the wilds of Arizona?
Will their private Gold Rush lead to fortune or failure?
And will they live to tell the tale…?

Part epic adventure, part family saga, at the heart of Carl Grose’s black comedy are the emotional ties and trials of three brothers, rubbing along together through thick and thin – just like you and me.
‘Charismatic storytelling that stirs the imagination’ The Guardian

Cornish born playwright Carl Grose has written numerous plays including 49 Donkeys Hanged, Horse Piss For Blood, The Kneebone Cadillac and Grand Guignol, as well as writing the book for the West End hit, The Grinning Man.

He was a longstanding member of Kneehigh Theatre, for whom he wrote many of their best-known works, including Tristan and Yseult (with Anna Maria Murphy), The Wild Bride and Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs). He also co-founded the film and production company o-region with director Simon Harvey and writer / photographer Oliver Berry.

Carl writes, “It’s a thrill to have Superstition Mountain back on in Cornwall again. For ten long years the Gunwallow brothers have been sat in a drawer (or a dusty hard drive), so I’m so pleased they get to take another shot at finding that gold.
Regardless of whether they do or not (and you’ll have to watch the play to find out if they do), it’s the journey that’s important.
To process their dad’s death, to unpack some dark family secrets, to discover the truth, the Gunwallows head to Arizona. If life is, as they say, a mountain to climb, and that the trick is to enjoy the journey, then I can’t wait to enjoy seeing them try all over again.
Good luck boys. We’re rootin’ for ya!”

The production is directed by Millie Brolly and is a co-production between the Minack Theatre and Hah Hum Ah.

Doors Open and Licensed Bar from 6.45pm. Show starts at 7.30pm

Contains strong language.  Suitable for age 12+ (parental guidance)

Tickets in advance : £12.50
( £14.50 On The Door )

( Tickets are non-refundable )
Free Car Parking
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Phone CRBO on 01726 63513
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Bodmin or Truro

J B Priestley’s : ‘Dangerous Corner’

'Dangerous Corner' JB PriestleySt Austell Players


J B Priestley’s : ‘Dangerous Corner’

“I think telling the truth is about as healthy as skidding round a corner at sixty”.

“And life’s got a lot of dangerous corners – hasn’t it Charles?”

Robert and Freda Caplan are hosting a dinner party for friends and colleagues at their country house.

The evening is going well, when a chance remark by Olwen sparks the demand for truth – with devastating consequences. . . . . . .

Directed by Sue Trebilcock

Doors & Licensed Bar Open at 7.00pm. Play starts at 7.30pm
Ample Free Car Parking on-site
Please Phone CRBO on 01726 63513 for bookings if you have low mobility etc

Tickets in advance : Standard : £12.00, Under18s : £6.00

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Phone CRBO on 01726 63513
Buy at Tourist Offices in Truro, Bodmin Liskeard etc

‘Connections’ : To Life Productions

'Connections' ToLife


To Life Productions


Dance, Music and Theatre collide in this show stopping display of talent!

Bringing an afternoon of variety performance, our show teams have been delving into the theme of ‘Connections’ to craft and create unique, original, multidisciplinary pieces of theatre, with some new renditions of a few showstopping classic numbers thrown in to really bring the feel-good factor!

Click Here to Book Your Tickets Online in advance :
Adult 10.00
Over65s 7.00
Under16s 7.00
Students 7.00
Under10s 5.00

Or Phone CRBO on 01726 63513
Or Buy at Tourist Offices in Truro., Bodmin or Liskeard

St Austell Players : ‘Macbeth’

St Austell Players 'Macbeth'St Austell Players
Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’

Our play is set in something very close to contemporary Britain.
Queen Duncan, with the help of Macbeth and Banquo, has narrowly managed to stave off another revolt against her authority.  Other powerful figures in the land circle, looking for their chance to grab control.

Society, the rule of law and Government as we thought we knew it have broken down.

The witches, creatures of a disaffected underclass, wreak havoc for their own amusement, encouraging Macbeth to be first to seize his chance.  His wife adds her efforts and the stage is set for tragedy.

We watch the tragic hero, so aware of each stage of his own downfall, continue along the path he has chosen for himself.

Other leaders watch his efforts and choose their allegiances, often changing sides as events unravel.

 Who will inherit what is left of the kingdom?

Reserved Seats, Licensed Bar, Tea, Coffee, Ice Creams & Snacks.

Tickets in advance :
Standard : £12.00
Under19s : £6.00

Click Here to Book Online Now
or Phone 01726 879500
or Buy at Tourist Offices in Truro, Bodmin, Liskeard, Launceston etc

David Mynne : ‘The Canterbury Tales’

Just an update on Saturday’s show:
It’s still going ahead, out of doors – regardless of weather, or football!
If you’re coming along, please dress accordingly. We’d prefer it if you didn’t bring umbrellas, as it may obscure the view of others.
The show runs for 75 minutes, straight through – no interval.
If arriving by car, please park in Blantyre, immediately next door to the St Austell Arts Centre and walk in.
We will be running a Bar and drinks orders will be taken on arrival and delivered to your seats.
Please be prepared to “sign-in” using the NHS Covid-19 App, or a member of your group’s contact detail will be taken, as an alternative.
Tickets are still available by ringing 01726 879 500, or by clicking here:
Tickets are just £10 (Adults) / £5.00 (12 – 16 year olds). The show is not suitable for under 12s.
Socially distanced seating for this event is sold as unreserved and configured ahead of each performance in line with the Government’s Performing Arts guidelines.
Seating positions will vary depending on the mixture and size of orders taken. Audience members will be directed to their specific location upon arrival by our Front of House team.
For your safety and wellbeing, seats must be purchased as a single group, up to a maximum of 6 people (children under 2 do not require a seat, but count towards your overall group size).
We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!


David Mynne : 'The Canterbury Tales'Welcome to ‘The Canterbury’, an Olde English Inn,
Infamous around these parts for villainy and sin.
The floor is caked in sawdust, for soaking up the spit,
And the air is thick with stories told with wisdom, guile and wit.
Some stories are romantic, some are bawdy, others scary
And there are tales about the devil that should make you oh so wary,
Some are beautifully poetic and some a little coarser;
A medieval medley from the pen of Geoffrey Chaucer! 

From the company that brought you ‘A Christmas Carol‘, ‘Dracula’ and ‘The Odyssey’ comes a One-man performance of ‘The Canterbury Tales’.
David Mynne has an enviable reputation for providing amongst the best and most entertaining One-Man shows in the UK.    David was also seen in Kneehigh Theatre’s production of “Fup” at Heligan Gardens.

David Mynne : 'The Canterbury Tales'

Revered as one of the most important works in English literature, ‘The Canterbury Tales’ paints an ironic and critical portrait of English society in the Middle-Ages.
All of life is here in these few bawdy, funny, serious and sometimes shocking, short stories.
Experience a journey down the foul and fetid footpaths of fourteenth-century England, told with the usual irreverence, wit and silliness!

Expect archaic naughtiness and nonsense!
Possibly tights and a codpiece!
Definitely medieval swearing!
Let’s party like it’s 1387!
This is Chaucer… but not as you think you know it!

A Christmas Carol was beautiful – apparently simple theatre with just one actor but you go home remembering a cast of dozens! He is a genius. – Richard Wolfenden-Brown: Director The Plough Arts Centre(on ‘A Christmas Carol’)

David Mynne’s performance is exquisite: a masterclass in the telling of tales, it needs to be seen” – Ciaran Clarke: Arts End of Nowhere.

NB This event is scheduled to be an Open-Air show but may be held in the Theatre, depending upon Covid-19 regulations at the time

Tickets in advance :  Click Here to Book Online Now or Phone CRBO on 07900 817608
: £10.00
Children (Ages 12 to 16years) : £5.00
Tickets are non refundable.
Suitable for Adults and Older Children (12+).

‘A Fete Worse Than Death’ To Life Productions Postponed. New date TBC

'A Fete Worse Than Death' To Life Productions

Sorry!  This Show has been Postponed. Watch out for an update!

It’s the Annual Village Fete in a quaint countryside village.
Cakes, tea, and the obligatory vegetable competition are the order of the day.
The sun is shining, the bunting is up and the Mayor has rehearsed his speech, but as the festivities get underway, is everything as wholesome as it seems?!

A Fete worse than Death is one of our much loved original comedy creations, we’ve given it a brand new twist for 2020, so whether you’ve seen it before or if you’re a first timer, we’ve got something new for you, so come along and join us a for an evening of fun and laughs 

Doors Open & Licensed Bar from 7.00pm.
Show starts at 7.30pm
Show ends approx 9.30pm

Click Here to Book Your Tickets in advance :
Adults : £10.00
Over60s : £7.00
Under21s : £7.00
Student : £7.00
Unwaged : £7.00
Under17s : £5.00

Or Phone Cornish Riviera Box Office on 01726 879500
Or Buy at Tourist Offices in St Austell, Bodmin, Liskeard, Launceston, Truro, Penzance, St Ives plus The Heartlands, Pool, Redruth

“Under Milk Wood” by Dylan Thomas – The Cornwall Youth Theatre Company

'Under Milk Wood'Cornwall Youth Theatre Company
Dylan Thomas’
‘Under Milk Wood’

Join us in the cove, in the village of the strange, the bizarre, the lost.

The people we all know and love. A world of delight, gossip and regret, of varied and vivid humanity.

Captain Cat surrounded by fish that “nibble him down to his wishbone”Mog Edwards“a draper mad with love” for shy dressmaker Miss PriceOrgan Morgan, listening to the music with “spouses … honking like geese and the babies singing opera”, while at the sea end of the town, Mr and Mrs Floyd lie in their bed “side by wrinkled side … like two old kippers in a box”, while Polly Garter still sings of “little Willy Wee who is dead, dead, dead”.

An emotive and hilarious account of a spring day in the fictional seaside village of Llareggub.

Click Here to Book Your Tickets in advance :
Adults : £8.00
Over60s : £6.50
Unwaged : £6.50

Under18s : £5.00
Family  : £22.00
( 2 Adults, 2 Under18s )

Tickets are non-refundable. Reserved Seats. Licensed Bar, Tea, Coffee, Ice Creams.
Advance Booking is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment.

Or Phone 01726 879500
Or Buy Tickets at Tourist Offices in St Austell, Bodmin, Liskeard, Truro, St Mawes, Launceston, Penzance, St Ives.